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Hi y’all, I’m currently revamping and reviving my blog, so things can still look a bit messy here and there. I hope you’ll find your way around here 🙂

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Sewn: Ebony dress

My Ebony dress (designed by Closet Case Files) has turned out juuuust as cozy as I hoped for. I made it out of a stretchy velvet of a quite heavy quality, so it has a lot of drape. There are a few lessons I learned in this slippery project, I’ll share them with you.


First off: about this picture above. I took it in the park nearby, with my tripod and DSLR. Although I have my photography stuff for over ten years now, I still think it’s hard to take your own picture. Despite all my gear, effort and braveness (hell yeah it feels stupid to take your own pictures in a public place), this is unfortunately the only picture in my park-series that was okay-ish in the end. To be continued when I’ve found my remote control back, that I’ve squirreled away a bit too well 😦

Anyways. Lesson 1 that I’d like to share is something you can’t tell from the picture, but it’s definitely there: I cut the back piece in the wrong direction. Continue reading “Sewn: Ebony dress”

Sewing weekly — week 45

For me, this week was all about getting my sewjo back (I’m always worried that my sewjo completely evaporates when I don’t sew for two weeks or so, although of course it never does). So this week I had to give myself a bit of a boost.


I ordered this cute scissors necklace a few weeks ago. I wish I could say it’s fancy handcrafted and all silver, but I’m afraid it’s just cheap Chinese stuff and not even silver plated (I bought it at, in case you’re interested too). With these kind of internet orders, you never know when you’re gonna get it and I got mine last Thursday. Surprise 🙂 And I love it! I usually don’t wear necklaces, but this one reminds me of my passion for sewing and therefore I actually wear it.

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I’ve been a dedicated La Maison Victor sewist ever since I (really) started sewing – which was about a year ago. If it wasn’t for the Belgian La Maison Victor’s extensive instructions, I’m pretty sure that my third attempt to sew would have stranded too.



But it didn’t, because LMV helped me to take things step by step and show every (!) step with a clear picture. Thank you La Maison Victor. But sometimes, you just want to try something else, right?

I’ve tried Burda before (there’s a blogpost about that attempt), and it wasn’t too bad, but still Burda’s instructions tend to scare me off and then I’m grabbing my ever perfect LMV patterns again, throwing my few Burdastyle magazines in a far corner of my sewing den.

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Something new: Burda

(scroll down for English)

Na heel veel La Maison Victor-patroontjes waagde ik me afgelopen week toch maar eens aan een patroon van Burda. Ik zag er enorm tegenop, want Burda staat niet bepaald bekend om haar duidelijke werkinstructies. Maar inmiddels heb ik al zoveel kledingstukken in elkaar gedraaid, dat ik de stap wel durfde te maken.



Ik maakte ‘shirt 105’ (Instagramtechnisch natuurlijk een totale hashtagmisser), maar wel een aangepaste versie. Ik liet de splitten aan de voorkant weg – wie wil er nou tochtgaten in een najaarskledingstuk? – en ook de strikbanden op heuphoogte leken me niet echt flatterend.

Maar verder heb ik alleen 5 centimeter mouwlengte toegevoegd en that’s it. En de maat viel prima uit, ondanks het feit dat Burda patronen maakt voor vrouwen van 1.68m (10 centimeter korter dan ikzelf). Vermoedelijk is dit gewoon een lang model shirt.

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