Sewing Weekly — all the pdf’s and a mess in the mind

OH NOES. Last week I had this total mess in my head. For me, that’s one of the dangers of having too much sewing plans. Having the opportunity to buy a lot of patterns on sale during Black Friday weekend (and actually having used that opportunity) didn’t really help to clear the mind. I bought five new patterns plus downloaded some free ones. And I dreamt of having to tape them all together. As in: having nightmares.


Well. On Monday I did tape a PDF that I’ve had for a few weeks now. I planned to make a test version of the Named Clothing Helmi Tunic Dress, and there I went. Bravely. As a matter of fact, I don’t even hate glueing my PDF’s together. I actually kind of enjoy it! Continue reading “Sewing Weekly — all the pdf’s and a mess in the mind”


Sewing Weekly — starring the topstitching needle

It’s funny how I always feel like I don’t sew as much as I want, while in fact I sew about three pieces a month. I think it’s because of the fact that my sewing has been a little quick & dirty lately. I haven’t really dived into making something super special and haven’t been too dedicated, so it feels. Yet I’ve done stuff last week.


This week, I discovered the absolute indispensability of a topstitching needle. Last summer, I’ve sewn my Cleo dungaree dress (pattern from Tilly & the Buttons) out of quite a heavy herringbone – beautiful! – denim. I topstitched as prescribed, but at that time didn’t know that I should use a topstitching needle and I could tell from the sounds my machine made (whoooops…. no, it wasn’t pretty and yes, I was scared the whole machine would break). Continue reading “Sewing Weekly — starring the topstitching needle”

Sewing Weekly — pins, podcasts and a pretty dress

It’s a short one, as there hasn’t been too much sewing (related stuff) in my life last week. But that’s okay!


First off, I got this cute pumpkin-y wrist pincushion in the mail. I bought this one as my Prym wrist cushion is starting to wear off (already… I’ve had it for six months or so, so I’m a bit disappointed in the quality). But I forgot that my Prym cushion has a hard bottom, which prevents you from pinning yourself in the wrist. Continue reading “Sewing Weekly — pins, podcasts and a pretty dress”

Sewn: Ebony dress

My Ebony dress (designed by Closet Case Files) has turned out juuuust as cozy as I hoped for. I made it out of a stretchy velvet of a quite heavy quality, so it has a lot of drape. There are a few lessons I learned in this slippery project, I’ll share them with you.


First off: about this picture above. I took it in the park nearby, with my tripod and DSLR. Although I have my photography stuff for over ten years now, I still think it’s hard to take your own picture. Despite all my gear, effort and braveness (hell yeah it feels stupid to take your own pictures in a public place), this is unfortunately the only picture in my park-series that was okay-ish in the end. To be continued when I’ve found my remote control back, that I’ve squirreled away a bit too well 😦

Anyways. Lesson 1 that I’d like to share is something you can’t tell from the picture, but it’s definitely there: I cut the back piece in the wrong direction. Continue reading “Sewn: Ebony dress”

Sewing Weekly — lots of shopping and I won a prize!

For me, this week was all about getting my sewjo back (I’m always worried that my sewjo completely evaporates when I don’t sew for two weeks or so, although of course it never does). So this week I had to give myself a bit of a boost.


I ordered this cute scissors necklace a few weeks ago. I wish I could say it’s fancy handcrafted and all silver, but I’m afraid it’s just cheap Chinese stuff and not even silver plated (I bought it at, in case you’re interested too). With these kind of internet orders, you never know when you’re gonna get it and I got mine last Thursday. Surprise 🙂 And I love it! I usually don’t wear necklaces, but this one reminds me of my passion for sewing and therefore I actually wear it.

Continue reading “Sewing Weekly — lots of shopping and I won a prize!”